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Art No Longer Art For Its Sake

functional fine art

It is no longer a sad day in the art world when such a statement is being made. Rather, it is the other way around now. Rather than see fine art being displayed only in museums, galleries and palatially appointed homes of those who can afford it, functional fine art is now being made accessible and affordable to all and sundry. That, surely, is very good news indeed if you happen to be a lover of fine art but could never afford to buy a few pieces of your own.

It happened to occur to one artist at least. She still needs to eat and pay for the roof over her head. Endeavoring to secure commissions for fine art collections is all good and well but what if she were to be left waiting for payments by the pomposity of the pretentious patron of the arts. Interestingly enough, and this she soon discovered, average folks like you are more than willing to open up your wallets, and your hearts.

Of course, you can only do so if the artwork is affordable. But don’t you worry about that. Before the first brushstroke is made, you should be enjoying a nice cup of tea with your talented artist. You let her know what you have in mind. On the other hand, if you just haven’t got a clue, she might be able to make one or two suggestions. She is sitting in your living room. And eying your fireplace, endeavoring to keep her work as functional as possible so that you will eventually buy into it, she is sparked with inspiration.

And what if this is your office? A highly motivational mural in the reception area perhaps? But not too striking. Let’s keep the art functional.