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How to Buy a New Handgun

Choosing a new handgun is sometimes overwhelming, especially to a newbie to the world of firearms. So many guns for concealed carry are available, many of which resemble one another.  They’re all usually black, made of durable plastic or steel. So exactly what makes a handgun unique and how can you choose the best for your needs?

beretta gun accessories

Weapon Size

Full size pistols, compact, subcompact, and micro weapon sizes are available. Most companies make a variety of weapons for each category so there are always options to choose from. Full size pistols aren’t so easy to conceal, but it’s possible. Learn the pros and cons of each gun size before you buy.


The weapon caliber is yet another important feature to consider before you buy a new handgun. For many people, it is a 9mm weapon that suits their needs. They’re lightweight, fast, and affordable. Some people prefer the .45 but they’re bigger and have a limited round capacity. Choose your gun caliber once you decide the right size weapon.


Gun safety is of importance to any gun shopper. Make sure that safety is on the forefront of your mind when you go about choosing a firearm. When you choose a weapon with safety features, it’s easier to use the weapon with peace of mind.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

When choosing your weapon, make sure you pick up a few of the best beretta gun accessories to go along with the weapon. Tons of awesome accessories are available to make your weapon easier to shoot, more powerful, sleeker and more stylish, etc. Browse these items and choose those most flattering to your budget.

Choosing a new gun may be somewhat challenging, but with a bit of research and help from the experts, you’ll own the perfect handgun in no time. Use the above information to help you get the perfect weapon.